More pizzazz at “JK Jazz 2008”
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Upcoming festival builds on previous year’s success!


The inaugural “JK Jazz” festival had humble beginnings. The idea to organize some type of fund-raising event at Estonian Children’s Camp „Jõekääru“ percolated in the minds of a few people for several years. Allan and Linda Liik’s initiative along with valued support from the National Estonian Foundation of Canada (NEFC) made the dream a reality in 2007. The result is 52 new windows for the boys’ and girls’ barracks at Camp JK, purchased with proceeds from „JK Jazz 2007“. The new windows were installed in June 2008 and this summer’s campers are already enjoying enhanced ventilation and fresh air.

Fifty years takes its toll.
Camp JK was established in 1953 by a small team of visionary Estonian immigrants. Much of the original camp infrastructure was built with voluntary labour on countless weekends. Fast-forward 50 years and we have a camp that continues to draw kids of Estonian heritage but many of the facilities are showing their age. Regular maintenance does take place however the time has come where maintenance alone does not cut it.

The current challenge is how to renew this camp’s infrastructure at a time where:
- most folks are busier than their parents were in the 1950’s,
- most of today’s parents are desk-jockeys, not trades-people, and
- most of us are better off financially and therefore able to give back financially (in lieu of communal labour) to our community.

The jazz festival is intended to be “the carrot” that gets folks out to Camp JK, enables them to rekindle old friendships, establish new ones, enjoy some terrific entertainment and ultimately leave behind a few dollars in support of ”the cause“.

Momentum is building.
This year’s festival takes place on Saturday August 23 and Sunday August 24. Doors open at 12 noon on Saturday. Entertainment will begin shortly thereafter however headliners will perform later in the afternoon, to enable guests coming to Camp JK from other events and commitments, to arrive comfortably.

Based on the success of last year’s festival, momentum is building for an even better festival in 2008. Word-of-mouth has served as our best marketing. We are hoping everyone who attended last year can convince just one extra person to come out this year. Performers are coming from Canada, Estonia, Latvia, Brazil, Cuba and Mexico.

Advance ticket sales underway.
Discounted ticket sales are underway already. Adult admission is $25 during the advance sale campaign ($35 at the gate). Youth tickets (for those aged 5-18) are $15 and will only be sold at the gate. Children 4 and under are admitted free.

Tickets can be purchased at: ”estore” in the Toronto Esto House, the Tartu College business office, the NEFC office at 956 Broadview Ave, Camp JK in Udora, from many JK Jazz volunteers & alumni, plus from various Town of Georgina retailers.

Surprises in store!
This years’ festival is expected to be bigger and better in many ways, including a number of surprises.

For example, the Town of Georgina, where Camp JK is located, has deemed „JK Jazz 2008“ to be an official town event. This acknowledgement includes monetary sponsorship assistance to help organizers market JK Jazz throughout Georgina. Mayor Robert Grossi attended last year’s festival and is a well-known supporter of the local Estonian residents’ association in the Hamlet of Udora. We hope to see his worship at this year’s festival.

An equally wonderful surprise is completion of the Osvald ja Erika Timmas Art Studio on the grounds of Camp JK, Although the late Mr. & Mrs. Timmas were a childless couple, they loved children and children’s activities. Thanks to their kind-heartedness and the visionary thinking of executors of their estate, this studio is now enhancing activity at Camp JK. Under the leadership of energetic Elva Palo, the studio will also serve as a corner-stone for this year’s jazz festival. Art will be exhibited and sold with a share of proceeds directed to Camp JK’s infrastructure fund. Artists, please contact Elva Palo at if you wish to participate in the art exhibit and sale at JK Jazz 2008.

Purchase festival tickets early and stay tuned for more JK Jazz 2008 news and upcoming surprises!
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