More good ideas for Tartu. Part I: Transport and infrastructure
Arvamus 22 Jul 2010  EWR
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Kristopher Rikken, Blue, Black and White Alert
1. Tartu's train station has plenty -- one might even say too many -- yellow square signs with numbers identifying the three tracks. This is good. For instance, track #1 is the first one behind the station building (where, you know, the tracks are,located), followed by #2 and #3, in that order. OK. But let's say you are a tourist who arrives at the station around 6pm, when all three tracks are occupied by trains going to Valga, Tallinn and Orava. Nowhere does it say which train stops on which track! You have to ask a fellow passenger (who may be wondering the same thing) or walk all the way to the front of the train to read the sign.

As it turns out, the train on track #1 is not the one to Tallinn, but to the smallest destination, Orava. Now walk back around the station house (it's closed indefinitely) go through the tunnel and try track #2 and #3.

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