Montreal Estonian Society Golf Tournament 2012
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The Art and Science of Golf
Tõnu Onu

On Friday, August 3, 2012, the Montreal Estonian Society (MES) organized its seventh annual Golf tournament. On a perfect summer day for golf, more than forty of the finest golfers of Estonian origin from Montreal, Ottawa and other major Estonian golfing centres such as Jõekääru, along with friends, gathered at the Oasis Golf Club in Brownsburg-Chatham, Quebec.

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In keeping with golf’s strict rules of etiquette, the golfers strode with confidence and discipline in a straight line to tee off at the first hole. Immediately after teeing off, the golfers’ movements, however, seemed more intended to display the innate artistic skills of Estonians. These movements varied from the graceful to the mind boggling as they followed the curves, arcs and other trajectories taken by golf balls. An art critic described the golfers’ movements as an amazing attempt at creating a collective work of new age abstract art. A scientist observing the scene thought the movements might merit further scientific research to discover how golf balls and golfers alike were able to defy the known laws of gravity and physics.

We can report already that some scientific facts were clearly established during the day’s play. There is a magnetic element in golf balls, still unknown to science, which attracts golf balls in a direct line to trees and water. This same unknown element is repelled by the greens and by the little metal cup on the greens on a golf course. Contrary to scientific fact that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, in golf there is no direct line or shortest distance between the tee-off and the cup on a golf course hole.
After the exhausting day of artistic and scientific effort by the golfers, we thought it only appropriate to let them describe their style of play in their own words. They justified and explained their golf style by paraphrasing, the unique Hungarian pianist and model for all Estonian golfers, Ervin Nyiregyhàzi, “Other golfers play right golf the wrong way. We play wrong golf the right way.”
As is its custom, the MES always combines strenuous athletic activity with higher-level cultural activity. In keeping with Montreal’s reputation as the fashion centre of Canada and North America, this year’s tournament included a contest for the most fashionably dressed golfer. Tournament organizers emphasized that this in no way was intended as a criticism of how golfers had dressed in previous years. However, in keeping with the elegant nature and ambiance of the game of golf, they thought recognition should be given to those golfers making a special effort to raise the sartorial standards of the MES tournament. This year’s winner was Jaan Raudsepp, the well-known golf expert and aficionado. His splendid and colourful outfit was a significant cut above the attire of other golfers who were dazzled by Jaan’s unique appearance. The outfit was clearly a very expensive one, undoubtedly created by one of Montreal’s high-end fashion designers. However, Jaan in his usual modest manner did not wish to flaunt his superior fashion resources and refused to reveal the cost and identity of his exclusive designer. Fashion critics present at the tournament were of the opinion that his attire was truly representative of Estonian golfers and that it could be best described as a birdie-bogeyman outfit. For those interested in the latest golf fashions, Jaan’s outfit can be seen on the MES website.
For their skills on the golf course itself, other winners of various awards were:
ESK Scholarship Prize - Indrek Romet
Andres Pedriks Prize - Geraldine Mickie
Best Overall Team - Anu Nerska, David Sheridan & Vello Taal
Most Accurate Drive (Female) - Judy Tamm
Most Accurate Drive (Male) - Anton Tikovt
Determination of the winners was accomplished by the diligent work of volunteer judges on the golf course, Anne and Peeter Altosaar, Ene Tikovt and Elvi Edwards. The day’s activities concluded with an excellent dinner and awards ceremony at the golf club. The popularity and success of the event, once again was guaranteed by the tireless efforts of the MES executive, led by Karl Raudsepp who, in addition to all other duties, acted as master of ceremonies during the dinner.
Of note is the fact that the youngest participant ever in this annual MES event, was 2½ month old Anelin Eileen Tikovt, which only goes to show that interest in golf can start at a very early age.
Finally, for its continuing generous support of the event, the MES wishes to express its sincere gratitude to Eesti Sihtkapital Kanadas (Estonian Foundation of Canada), along with Andres Pedriks, Maurice Forget, Riho Kruuv and many others whose contributions are too many to name.
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