'Mobile Technology Changing The Lives of Rural Poor Farmers in Uganda'
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'Mobile Technology Changing The Lives of Rural Poor Farmers in Uganda'
A film by Irene Birungi Mugisha (Uganda) & Laura Raus (Estonia)
Camera: Andrew Kimuli


Knowledge is power; here is a successful testimony by Julius Mwesigwa. He is one of the current 800 community knowledge workers in Uganda. He serves fellow farmers by providing them information from a smart phone in a village that is about 400 kilometres away from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Such a smart phone – a farmer phone, as it is called – is a unique way of providing locally tailored information on agriculture, including weather forecast and market prices. In this film, Julius and other farmers tell how their communities are developing economically through the use of information from the farmer phones.

The program of the farmer phone is managed by Grameen Foundation whose interests are in promoting social entrepreneurship and contributing to economic empowerment through embracing innovation in a rural setting.
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