Misunderstanding Russian logic
Arvamus 17 Mar 2006 Adu RaudkiviEWR
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Russian logic has never been something easy to understand, but that the rest of the world follows along on their train of thought is scary. Two recent news stories colliding against each other need pondering.

On March 1, 2006, Russian General Vladimir Vasilenko, head of the Russian Defence Ministry Research Institution, did some sabre rattling, threatening to scrap the 1987 intermediate range nuclear-capable missile ban. This was to threaten Europe specifically (Estonia very specifically), by resuscitating the SS-18 missiles. This caught western military by surprise.

A few days later Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov arrived in Canada to discuss Canada continuing to donate money to help Russia decommission its nuclear submarines and decontaminate its nuclear sites in the G8 Global Partnership.

This initiative was started in 2002 by the G8 states and joined in 2004 by 13 others (some European nations) to donate $ 19 billion US to the cause.

Canadian Conservative Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peter McKay was nodding agreement vigorously despite what had been said by Vasilenko just some days before.

Russia is already using its Topol M ICBM missiles to threaten the US Son of Star Wars missile defence program, but will need to re-deploy its SS-18 missiles which have been used in civilian usage to launch communication satellites.

I wonder how much of the G8 Global Partnership money has been re-deployed the SS-18 re-redeployment program and how the Russians explained to the Germans that they are really safe from the SS-18 missiles that they have paid for.

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