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Memory initiative Kogu Me Lugu exports Estonian history digitally around the world

Kogu Me Lugu (Collect Our Story, also translates into Our Entire Story) is an Estonian oral history initiative to collect Estonian family stories and share them with the world through audio-visual storytelling.

One of the main objectives of the Kogu Me Lugu ( initiative is to study, analyze and raise awareness of the German and Soviet occupation regimes, their crimes against humanity and violations of human freedoms.

The initiative was launched on the 1941 June deportation memorial day in 2013 by the Unitas Foundation ( based in Tallinn, Estonia. More than 500 stories were collected in a single day.

Since the project’s launch, hundreds of stories and materials have been gathered and more than 80 video interviews conducted, 35 of which were conducted during 2014 with members of the Estonian exile community in the USA. The range of the video interviews makes it possible to discover the colourful variety of Estonian stories and to learn how different families have dealt with difficult times.

The campaign’s leading team, consisting mostly of young activists and professionals in the fields of history, human rights and audio-visual media, continues to receive new incentives from people in Estonia and abroad wishing to share their personal and family stories from the recent past, stories which should not be forgotten.

The Kogu Me Lugu team calls on the Estonian community and their friends to support the initiative by donating, so that more stories from the country’s history can be told, stored and shared with the world.

Financial support is necessary for both the production of video interviews as well as the development of an internet learning platform where the video interviews together with additional materials and tools are easily accessible to researchers, teachers, students and all those interested in Estonian oral history.

You can offer financial support via:

1) Making a single donation or a standing order directly to the Unitas Foundation's bank account:

Account Number: EE85 1010 2200 8178 2010
BIC: EEUHEE2X Bank: SEB Pank, Tornimäe 2, 15010, Tallinn, Estonia
Details: I support Kogu Me Lugu + amount + Donor name

2) The Estonian crowd funding platform, Hooandja. To donate, visit the link:

You can offer non-financial support via: Contributing to the Kogu Me Lugu gift for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. Visit the link:

Kogu Me Lugu Project Manager:
Sandra Vokk, 372 50 64450

Post address:
Unitas Foundation, Roseni 7, 10111, Tallinn, Estonia
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