Memoirs of the Micro-Geislingenians
Archived Articles 31 Mar 2006 Mai MaddissonEWR
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More than half a century has elapsed since we were removed from Geislingen as small children. Yes, we were small. We were neither seen nor heard. Yet we too, in a different way saw and heard. Perhaps more importantly we felt. Our feelings differed and they all had a significant impact of the journey we were to walk through life. The journeys have been very varied.

There is a resurgence of interest in those times, and some of us are now effecting ways to make that resurgence tangible.

I hope to compile a book called “The Memoirs of the Micro-Geislingenians”. Micro, meaning small and imperceptible.

My hope is to collect a series of individual stories from people who were ten years and under when they left Geislingen and compile them into a book. I have always had a belief that in interviewing a person the resultant report can be the interviewer's perception of the interviewee's emotions. In this book I would hope to leave each person's soul as it presents itself.

The story would include what the persons themselves remember, that which they learnt from those around them, their own reflections on the effect that experience had on their lives, and of course a little about where they are at now.

The older of us would have clearer memories than the younger ones of course. But the most important ingredient is the place of that window of time in each of our lives.

Sadly there will be some among us whom life has battered badly. I would like to include your experiences too. It is not impossible to do that without traumatising you. Perhaps it is people such as yourselves whom we would really like to extend a welcome to.

No matter how little you remember share it. Please also share what questions you have about that time. It may be that another of us has the answer to that and can effect some closure for you.

And if you are not from Geislingen, perhaps you know some one who was. Could I ask you to pass on this article for them to consider.

Full steam ahead! Yes, and we want to have a reunion too. We are aiming at September 2008, but that date is flexible.

We are hoping to also do a ‘red robin’ with our cohort from the other refugee areas in and around Germany. Is there anyone from these areas who is interested in joining in to organize their area's part of the ‘red robin’? Please let me know of your interest and then I can collate together any interested people.

The finale we hope will be a time in Estonia. There are a few irons in the fire there too. Let's see what evolves.

A little about me: I am a family doctor in Melbourne (Australia). I left Geislingen just after my seventh birthday. I have put my story together. It is not all pretty but it is amazing how much I found to write about.
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(This article appeared originally in the Australian Estonian weekly “Meie Kodu”, March 15, 2006)
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