Mediterranean Union sets example for European Union co-operation with eastern neighbours
Archived Articles 04 Nov 2008  EWR
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Estonia's Foreign Minister Urmas Paet participated in the meeting of the Mediterranean Union foreign ministers that took place on Tuesday, November 4th in Marseilles, France. The foreign policy leaders talked about the future of Mediterranean Union co-operation.

To advance the Middle East peace process and accelerate co-operation in the region, the ministers approved the greater involvement of the League of Arab States in Mediterranean Union co-operation. “The Arab League plays a vital role in advancing the Middle East peace process, and including the League in Mediterranean Union co-operation will strengthen partnership and help with ensuring stability,” said Foreign Minister Urmas Paet. According to the Estonian foreign minister, co-operation with states on the southern and eastern banks of the Mediterranean sets a good example for European Union co-operation with its neighbours to the east. “Positive developments in the co-operation between the European Union and its Mediterranean partners creates a good situation for implementing a similar model with the European Union’s eastern partners, especially Ukraine and Georgia, for their more rapid integration into European Union co-operation structures,” said Foreign Minister Paet.

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