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March Break Camp at Seedrioru! Estonian Life (1)
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This year Seedrioru was proud to host it's first March Break Camp! This brilliant idea came from Brendan & Kadri Munro. It is intended to provide more opportunities for our Estonian/Canadian youth to enjoy our fun outdoor camp program focused on teaching practical skills while being exposed to the Estonian language, culture and music. With 13 youth and 9 volunteers, it was a highly successful two night camp. It started with an 8km hike through the neighbouring conservation land with Helmi Hess who shared her knowledge and passion for birds and wildlife. Leather craft projects were well organized by the talented Krista Koger, while wood carving/firelighting were practiced safely with outdoorsman Eric Tiisler. The sauna burned hot both nights for campers, cottagers and guests who wanted to drive off the damp spring weather. As a special delicious treat, the youth were shown an easy method to smoke trout on the campfire! We thank the volunteers who helped to organize the camp: Counsellors (Eric Tiisler, Kadri Munro, Helmi Hess, Helga delCastillo and Krista Koger), kitchen helpers (Angie Crossman, Selena Canaris, Linda Paluveer, Liam Sutcliffe Quinn), and to the people who helped in the initial setup of the facilities (Trevor Crossman, Lembit Nielander, Margus Vist).

Maintaining Momentum!
After considering the fantastic success of this trial "micro camp", Seedrioru will host another camp this fall on October 14/15/16 that will feature beautiful fall colours, archery and art! Registration will be announced soon on our website along with our upcoming 4 week summer camp schedule!

Future events for 2016:
Suvihari: June 24-26
Summer Camp: July 3 - 31
Alumni camp: August 27-29
Children's fall camp (NEW!): October 14-16
Volunteer work days: May 7, May 28, June 11, June 18 and October 1

Laste heaks!

Text and Photo: Eric Tiisler
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