Magazine Names Ligi 'Finance Minister of the Year for Emerging Europe'
Eestlased Eestis 13 Oct 2010  EWR
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ERR - The London-based magazine Emerging Markets has named Estonian Finance Minister Jürgen Ligi "Finance Minister of the Year for Emerging Europe 2010," citing his ability to steer Estonia's economy "from severe recession to recovery and - against all odds - euro accession."

Responding to the award in an article published on the magazine's website on Saturday, Ligi said the honor was "about Estonia's efforts in general, not mine in particular."

"Estonians take a definite pride in their qualities of calmness and reserve, which they feel qualify them as being ‘Nordic' rather than ‘Baltic'," the magazine wrote. "Similarly, finance ministers are supposed to be the politicians who are best at keeping their head in times of crisis. Jurgen Ligi is just such a figure - unflappable and a man not given to making rash decisions."

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