Long Live Independent Estonia! - Long Live Independent Estonian House! (13)
Eestlased Kanadas 08 Jan 2015 Guido LaikveEWR
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We are all proud of the achievements of independent Estonia and the actions of the Estonian Government who have skillfully, at many costs, protected Estonian independence, the Estonian land, the Estonian people and the Estonian borders. They know with no independent land belonging to Estonians, there will be no Estonia or Estonian people for its future. The loss of independent land and of a self-sustaining people is the ultimate weapon for the destruction of an entire culture and society.

Why then, are some attempting at all costs to Toronto Estonians to sell, to surrender our independence and otherwise try to liquidate and demolish the land and Estonian House in Toronto? The demolition of the Estonian House is the demolition of the Estonian society!

Last year some 350 shareholders and regular users of Estonian House signed the following petition demanding: “We, the undersigned, are concerned about the future of the Toronto Estonian House and feel that our cultural and community bastion should remain at the present location, not demolished, but renovated, and upgraded to present day standards.”

The Toronto Estonian’s must remain owners of their land and the Estonian House for as long as there are Estonians who wish to use it for the development and continuance of Estonian activities. Previous generations of Estonian leaders, the community and organizations worked tirelessly to achieve this goal and we call upon the present day leaders, community and organizations to continue to work towards this coal. There is only one logical solution that is practical, technically and economically achievable for the Estonian House and that is the renovation, beautification and upgrading to present day standards such that it can continue to operate in accordance with the By-Laws and regulations; this is an achievable goal. We must remain independent “MASTERS IN OUR OWN HOUSE” and not in the pocket of a developer or investment conglomerate!

It is encouraging to see that some young community minded people, led by Kristiina McConville, have already started to repair and improve the Estonian House. The Estonian Credit Union has also renovated their floor at the Estonian House.

Just as the land in Estonia must belong to the Estonian people, the land and Estonian House in Toronto must belong to the Toronto Estonian society where we can continue our activities according to our own wishes for many years to come.

Guido Laikve, Architect (Ret.)
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