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The Esto2008 in London, England website is now up and running at It is still in the early stages of construction, including being bilingual - at the moment the info is being provided in English. A comprehensive website is crucial for Esto2008's smooth operation.

The website intends to provide among others
* Esto2008 programme details;
* Help and advice for a thrilling stay in London;
* Pre-registration support and feedback
* ticketing and accommodation booking

If you are willing to contribute ideas and opinions to the project a visit to the site provides links to a selection of proposals in the preliminary business plan.

The Esto2008 committee will also gladly sign you up on their electronic mailing list if interested in being notified of developments. A link is on the site — or send an e-mail to
Gleaned from the Esto2008 website:

The Esto celebrations and conferences are a tradition, held every 4 years and organised by Estonian diaspora at the behest of ÜEKN. Esto2008 is the 10th Esto and will be in London England, a great choice because London is an asset which no other city can match. We can emphasise both Esto, and London as an incomparable tourist venue.

We have nearly two years to plan and implement Esto2008, which is tight but entirely feasible. This is an early proposal, and may be expected to change substantially. Suggestions and amendments from all of you who read it will be greatly appreciated, so join us and send in lots of e-mails please!

The London Esto2008 start date proposed here is Tuesday 5th August 2008, spanning four days. As noted on the website the four weekdays have been pencilled tentatively as follows: Day 1 welcoming ceremony, Day 2 Estonian festival in a theatre (choirs, dancers), Day 3 choral performance and religious service, Day 4 dinner-dance (if not too expensive). All gaps are for meetings, conferences, tourism. This programme will certainly change substantially, but is a starting point.

A sparse programme makes events management simpler, and leaves time for tourism. Consistent with seeing just a little of London, a 5 night stay for visitors should be regarded as a minimum.

Venues are not a major problem, there is enormous choice, and availability is best in August. More on this online.


1. To reinforce ties and Estonian identity among diaspora.
2. To give delegates a memorable experience of London.
3. To contribute to Estonia's profile in England.


Consider a slight shift in Esto emphasis, somewhat less culture, more networking and conferences on topical matters, and a 50% emphasis on enjoying London. We are mooting a prestigious opening ceremony, conferences, concert/service in a cathedral, probably a concert performance in a theatre, and hopefully a dinner dance and a small trade exhibition. We are expecting several choirs and perhaps dancers from other countries.

London is a great tourist centre and reason in itself to come to Esto2008. It is an expensive city, but so are all major cities, and we shall work to reduce the overall cost for delegates.

Esto2008 Limited is in formation. They are building a compact management team with relevant experience in appropriate business areas. Managers do not need to be local, or indeed Estonian. It is more important to reduce all the risks of a one-off undertaking.

Do your bit - visit the site and contribute to a successful global Estonian tradition of celebrating our culture.
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