Lithuania unveils Russian invasion survival manual
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Transitions Online January 9, 2015
Lithuania has unveiled a survival manual in case of a Russian invasion, Newsweek reports, quoting the Baltic news service Delfi.

Titled “How to act in extreme situations or instances of war,” the guidelines – which will eventually be generally released – aim to educate Lithuanians on how to handle emergencies in wartime scenarios.

Defense Minister Juozas Olekas said such instructions are all the more urgent given “Russia’s recurring aggression against its neighbors – presently in Ukraine.”

Olekas said the guidelines offer advice on “how to act during the organization of civil resistance,” and “how to act under battlefield conditions,” according to Newsweek.

Almost 100 pages long, the guidelines will be made available in public libraries, while the e-book version will be available for download in a week from the Defense Ministry’s website, according to Newsweek.

The unveiling of the guidelines coincides with Lithuania becoming the 19th member of the euro zone on 1 January, a move some policy makers say helps cement the former Soviet country’s shift westward.
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