Liberal leadership II
Archived Articles 17 Feb 2006 Adu RaudkiviEWR
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With all the frantic phone calls, whispering in the halls of power and official denials of desiring of power we finally have a group of three candidates for the leadership of the Liberal Party. Finally a hat and two bonnets have been tossed into the ring. With the front line of the party in denial, the second line in contemplation, the third line has emerged.

The first to bravely step forward is Martha Hall-Findlay, who originally was going to be sacrificial Liberal lamb to run against the Conservative Belinda Stronach. When Stronach became a Liberal Hall-Findlay was graciously nudged aside from her candidacy. Since the 46 year old Hall-Findlay, a lawyer and an entrepreneur (consultant) has only been a Liberal for the last few years there is not much more to explain. Her fifteen seconds of fame.

The next is Dr. Ruby Dhalla, former Bollywood film star, a chiropractor and a Member of Parliament from the Brampton area. She looks even more "honeyish" than Stronach and can get more of the Sikh community out on leadership convention day than anyone else, but not enough to win an election.

The final candidate is John Godfrey, Liberal member for the riding that encompasses St. Peter's Estonian Lutheran church, enough of a lefty to be Mayor David Miller's idea of an acceptable Liberal, and to go canvassing with. He would like to move the party to the left, enough to reclaim the members they have lost to the NDP. I guess that is the end of his canvassing with Miller.

So many (or few) for now.

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