Lembitu Malev
Archived Articles 26 Sep 2008  EWR
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Lembitu Malev has begun their 60th year of scouting in Canada. At last Saturday’s opening meeting four new Wolf Cubs, or as they are called in Lembitu noolepoisid - arrow-bearers - were welcomed into the fold. From left: Maxwell Brookes, Aleksander Chandler-Long, Aleksander Mell and Aleksander Pede. In the back are their leaders, always the key to making scouting fun and memorable. Many make it a life-long contribution to instilling values in our younger generations. From left the pack leader: nskm. Alrek Meipoom, pack elder nskm. Peter Jeeger, and assistant leaders nskm. Karl Otsa and e-sk. Mihkel Kütti. Photo: Lembitu Malev
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