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Lembitu fathers-sons work bee
Archived Articles 09 Oct 2009  Eesti Elu
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Lembitu Malev kicked off this fall’s scouting and guiding talgute season with their traditional fathers-sons work bee last weekend. The opportunity for three generations to work together in the interests of maintaining Kotkajärve while improving the present infrastructure is always enthusiastically welcomed, in the process enabling our Cubs, Scouts and Venturers to get hands-on experience while building practical skills in the ruggedly beautiful Muskoka surrounding. Lembitu has from day one been a family-centered organization, and the fathers and sons weekend also serves as an opportunity for mothers and wives to have some time off from reminding their menfolk about the tasks that need to be performed in the city.

Jobs undertaken included pouring the foundations for the new wash-house at the hundu campground, shoring up existing buildings in the Lembitu village, electrical upgrades, installing fascia, general weather-proofing, felling dangerous old trees in the forest, and much more.

For the younger participants the chance to clear underbrush and burn branches seemed to provide great fun judging by the diligence applied to the task. At the end of the day a hearty barbequed steak dinner cooked by the venturers satisfied even the most ravenous appetites and a hot saun ironed out any muscular tension and fatigue.

The next Kotkajärve talgud will be a team effort with all the other Toronto scout and guide troops on the weekend of October 24-25. Come out, and join in the camaraderie and the satisfaction that honest, physical work provides as a counterbalance to school and the employment grind. The fact that three generations willingly contribute time and talents to ensure that our common scouting Muskoka home is ready for another winter is just another added benefit!
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