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Starting Tuesday, September 13th, from 7-9:10 pm, adult beginner and second year classes for learning Estonian will once again take place at the Toronto Estonian House. On Tuesday nights, from September to April, we will have 20 sessions covering conversation, slang, grammar, singing, a little history and geography and discussion about life in Estonia. The classes are small and quickly evolve into a friendly network. Cost is about $330 (will be confirmed in a few weeks). Our beginner’s class textbook costs $35.

For the second year class, we will review what was learnt in the first year (we got up to seestütlev), then continue learning the grammar in the textbook along with conversation and reading.

We have fun! So if you wish to register, please contact Epp Aruja, 416-447-8958 .

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Learning Estonian as a second language are, from left: Christopher Caden, teacher Epp Aruja, Julia Rannala, Tiiu McNiece, Erin Kittask, Fiona Tingley, former teacher Piret Komi, Rutt Kajak, Shandra Kuuskne, Ann Aaviku, Katherine McKeown, assistant Tiina Soomet. Not in photo: Susan Kahro, Bronwen Harding, Erica Harding ja Lisa Barrett. Photo: Supplied by language class.
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