Latitude 59 to Bring International Startup Experts to Tallinn
Eestlased Eestis 25 Apr 2012  EWR
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Ingrid Teesalu, ERR News
A two-day Nordic and Baltic conference, Latitude 59 will bring together venture capitalists and startup companies from across the world to the Tallinn University of Tecnology on June 7.

Key speakers of the event will be Toby Ferenczi, one of the founders of the major solar energy systems developer Engensa, and US investor Ravi Belani, who is also a lecturer at Stanford University.

The focus of the annual conference is broader than just startups operating in the web and mobile communications sectors, drawing attention to other areas of technology such as biotech, the organizers said in a statement. In addition, the conference aims to provide a great platform for innovators and startup entrepreneurs to meet investors, lawyers and potential partners.

In total, eight panel discussions will be held. Topics will include biotechnology and genetic manipulation, green technologies, mobile entertainment and startup financing.

Latitude 59 in an annual conference organized by Enterprise Estonia and the International Technology Law Association in Tallinn since 2008.
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