KUUsport launches new insect repellent line
Archived Articles 01 Jun 2006  EWR
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Winter and the ski season ended it seems only mere weeks ago, and already we are into mosquito season. The threat of West Nile disease is becoming more serious every year, replacing the mere nuisance of dealing with mosquitoes. As there is no vaccine for the disease, primarily spread to humans by mosquitoes that have fed on the blood of infected birds, the best prevention is protection from being bitten.

After a number of years of product development, KUUsport, known for the last 20 years for its ski waxes and waxing accessories has launched a DEET based mosquito repellent as an alternative to the established brands. (Contrary to urban myths claiming that DEET causes cancer there is no evidence that the agent, when used responsibly, causes damage to the human organism.) KUUsport's Mosquito Shield contains similar ingredients to established brands Muskol and Off!, but provides more volume and a better price. Estonian-Canadian Ron Kuus, the President of KUUsport notes that Mosquito Shield, made in Ontario by his Scarborough-based company has recently hit the shelves of Shoppers Drug Mart, and is now available nation-wide.

As an added inducement, the bottle cap of the repellent contains a fully functional compass. The bug spray comes in three strengths: the children's formula contains 7.5 per cent DEET; the Northern Formula, intended for urban backyards and parks is at 25 per cent DEET; and for the true outdoors enthusiast heading back-country the Wilderness Formula contains 30 per cent DEET.

The product launch caught the eye of the Toronto Star's Daphne Gordon. Her "Constant Shopper" column published on May 20th gives prominence to Mosquito Shield, noting that it is priced attractively below competitors while emphasizing that this year it is time to take bug spray seriously. The best prevention for you and your family is to protect yourself from being bitten by mosquitoes, and KUUsport's new Mosquito Shield provides an alternative to the name brands, is priced better, and furthermore provides more volume for the price. Look for it at Shoppers Drug Mart before you next head off to the cottage, Jõekääru, Seedrioru or Kotkajärve.
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