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The Raudhabemed are vanaskaudid, or former scouts of a certain age, whose primary but not only function at Kotkajärve is to maintain that most vital building, the
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saun. This year's "Kuule, kuule" saunatalgud, held November 4th, saw 10 cm of fresh snowfall and temperatures that hovered around freezing. 4 Estonian officers presently stationed at CFB Borden joined in
the work of sawing, splitting and stacking firewood. Deadfall was cut to size and "widowmakers" around the building and trails were also cut down. As the photo proves, some truly are ironbeards both in name and appearance Henn Kurvits, on the left, who made the chili and wine that provided the men with their hearty evening meal, approves of Pearu Tamm's woodsman skills.
Photo: Martin Pede
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