Krugman-Ilves Twitter war lives on in song
Arvamus 20 Jan 2013  EWR
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Nirvana Bhatia, TransitionsOnline
It ain’t over till the fat lady sings—or, in this case, the bow-tied president and the Nobel Prize-winning professor.

A quarrel between Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and American economist Paul Krugman over Estonia’s alleged “economic triumph” that erupted on Twitter last June has been transformed into a short operatic piece, reports Agence France Presse.

An opera in two movements, “Nostra Culpa” (a term borrowed from Ilves’ Twitter tirade) features Ilves and Krugman debating the merits of austerity versus stimulus. The 16-minute piece will debut during Tallinn Music Week in April.

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