Kingstonian Estonians Christmas
Archived Articles 15 Dec 2007 Eva Eichenbaum BarnesEWR
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Tiiu Pügi was the organizer and hostess for a special Estonian style Christmas feast held in Kingston on Saturday, December 8th. Kingstonian Estonians and their guests celebrated the season with an enticing buffet that included all of the delicious holiday culinary classics for which their homeland is known. "Verivorstid" came from Toronto by special order, and were complemented by a splendid presentation of traditional main course favourites. Visitors from Toronto, Viive Tork-Hiis and Christina Prozes, brought an exceptionally tasty kringel from the Estonian bakery. As the appreciative diners savoured a wide array of desserts and coffee, the guest speaker, artist Jaan Teng from Peterborough, spoke about his recent experiences while teaching and opening a gallery in Tallinn. The convivial and memorable evening inspired a hearty round of applause for Tiiu and everyone involved behind the scenes.
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