KGB wiretapping secrets revealed in Estonia
Eestlased Eestis 21 Feb 2011  EWR
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Posted by Lydia Leavitt for TG Daily, via Moscow Times

During the shadow of Communist Russia, Estonia was once home to a major contingent of KGB secret police. Now free [again], the Estonians are taking the opportunity to display Soviet hardware used by the KGB to monitor transmissions and eavesdrop.

The exhibition - called "Viru Hotel and the KGB" - remembers a time when the hotel was a hub for eavesdropping on foreigners.

The exhibition shows in a once-secret "radio room" where operatives relayed information from the hotel in Tallinn, Estonia to Helsinki, Finland across the Baltic Sea. From there, the intel would go to Moscow.

"All we have here now is the room as they left it one night in 1991 when Estonia was getting close to restoring its independence," said Peep Ehasalu, spokesman for the Viru, now run by Finnish hotel chain Sokos.

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