Kelam: Chinese leaders are captives of their own guilty consciences
Archived Articles 12 Mar 2009  EWR
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At its session on March 12, the European Parliament debated the situation in Tibet. Foreign Affairs Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner was present for the debate which resulted in the passing of a resolution marking the 50th anniversary of the occupation of Tibet.

Speaking on behalf of the EPP-ED group, Tunne Kelam pointed out that the Chinese Government has designated the 50th anniversary of the occupation of Tibet and the flight of the Dalai Lama from his homeland as Freedom from Slavery Day. „Regretably we are still hearing Orwell’s infamous newspeak in the reality of the 21st century, he said. „Slavery is freedom, lies are truth... But resorting to newspeak also shows that the Chinese commmunist leaders themselves have become long time prisoners of their own guilty consciences.“

The Estonian MEP supported the idea of real autonomy for Tibet. However, he pointed out that the realization of this goal is closely tied to the implementation of the message from another rapidly approaching anniversary -- that of Tiananmen Square. The message of democracy that the students sent ten years ago from Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

„The creation of real democracy in China is the key to solving the problem of Tibet,“ stated Kelam.

Kelam believes that there is very little time to achieve meaning ful autonomy for Tibet because the massive colonization of Tibet by China is proceeding at a rapid rate. That the European Parliament approved the idea for a resolution was, in Kelam’s opinion, a good sign of Europe’s morla dedication to this topic.

Kelam proposed to the Czech Presidency that next week the Council of the European Union should also pass a similar resolution by the member states marking the 50th anniversary of the occupation and supporting autonomy.

The European Parliament resolution passed despite opposition by the Socialist and Left factions.
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