Kalev & Jõekääru Volleyball Camp
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Jõekääru Suvekodu Selts (JSS)/Estonian Camp Udora, Inc.
And Kalev Sports Club

Bring you the following information about this year's volleyball camp.. Please consult the website www.joekaaru.com for all registration forms as outlined below.

Information sheet:

Kalev Volleyball Club and Jõekääru Children’s Camp have organised a volleyball camp for 2008. This camp will be before our regular Jõekääru Children’s Camp. Organizers are trying to get more kids from the U.S. interested in the camp, especially volleyball camp. If you have friends with kids, anywhere in North America, can you forward the volleyball and JK camp info to them too?

Estonian Children’s Camp
Udora Post Office
Udora ON L0C 1L0
website: www.joekaaru.ca

(705) 228-8173 (Please use the telephone only for emergency situations).

Arrival - July 1st, around 3:00 pm to July 6, 2008 –departure at 9:00 am

Kalev /Jõekääru Volleyball Camp accepts children between the ages 11/12 – 17/18a. (boys & girls born 1990-1996). Exceptions for children born after 1996 may be made in exceptional circumstances only. Please contact registrar for permission: Linda Karuks (h) 416-590-9725, (cell) 416-568-8335, email:


We will be bringing in special trainers for this, so the children can develop their skills and learn to play great volleyball. We will also have regular camp counsellors available during this time.

The registration deadline for discounted rates was the 15th of May, 2008. Click here for registration form.

The Participation Fees**
The discounted rate of $300.00 per child per week is available until the 15th of May (post-dated cheques are acceptable. First cheque must be dated by May 15th).

We'll give anyone coming from the U.S. that is a new camper the early bird rates (i.e. $300/week).

The camp fee is $350.00 per child per week if received after the 15th of May.
(includes cost of 2 volleyball camp t-shirts)


Trainers: Present and past top Estonian players and trainers
Program: within OVA training guidelines

Arrival on Tuesday, July 1st, in the afternoon around 3 p.m. (dinner is the planned meal).
Wednesday to Friday will be intensive volleyball training.
Saturday, July 5th will be a fun “game day”, with a dinner & dance in the evening.
Camp will end on Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. after breakfast. Also on Sunday, July 6th – starts the regular camp with the Estonian speaking weeks for the first 2 (i.e. July 6 – 20th).

Our current project is renovating the children’s cabins (tared). We gratefully accept all donations (money, labour, materials, expertise) to help with completing the project.

Medical Form
Please fill out the medical form in full and either mail it with your registration form OR bring to the registration desk upon arrival. If the form isn’t filled out (with Health Card number) your child will not be permitted to stay at the camp. We need the Health Card number for your child’s safety – if anything happens we’ll require it for admission to Hospital. The vaccination section is also important information for the Doctor to have, should your child require medical attention.

Age Groups in each “Tare” BunkhouseMiddle / Keskmised 11/12 - 14 years old
Senior / Suured 15 – 17/18 years old

Summer Camp’s Discipline
All campers must abide by the summer camp’s discipline policy. Those who are unwilling to do so will be sent home. Malicious damage to camp property is to be repaid in full by parents. No personal food or drink items are allowed in the “tared” as per regulations set by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Upon Arrival
Register at the camp office and hand all forms filled out in full to the Registrar. Once all the forms are handed in and the fee is paid you will get an admission slip from the registrar to give to the counselor. Locate your child’s cabin and counselor; give the admission slip to him/her. A weekly money allowance (we suggest $10.00) may also be given to the counselor for safe-keeping.

Kitchen staff and summer camp personnel are eligible for wages, plus discounted summer camp fees for their children. For further information please call:

Linda Karuks at (416) 590-9725, or send an e-mail to: .
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