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Justin Trudeau meets CEMA
Eestlased Kanadas 20 Nov 2009 Adu RaudkiviEesti Elu
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Justin Trudeau came to speak to the members of the Canadian Ethnic Media Association on November 9th. A special meeting was held in the boardroom of OMNI-TV. Many had arrived specifically to see the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and let their delight be known: "if I lived in your riding in Montreal I wouldn't hesitate to vote for you."

Other Liberals were not as enthusiastic: "he is not the second coming, his younger brother, Sacha is more dynamic but Sacha has no interest in politics."

Trudeau answered questions and one of the main ones had to do with diversity (ethnicity). He believes that all Canadians are the same, embraced by two languages (English and French) and that any form of separation is divisive. I was shocked, so I noted "that it was the Liberal party that championed "multiculturalism" and that it was his father that made it an industry. Before that I was simply a Canadian with a funny name." He didn't answer me, just gave me a blank stare.

Later he mentioned that he was not aware of all of the things his father had said nor necessarily agreed with them.

I might mention that I totally agree with his outlook, I never enjoyed being "ethnic," or lately, "diverse". My study and enjoyment of my culture is my business and we were able to sustain them without government help before, and are able to do so now. I guess I was simply angry at the silliness we had to go through before arriving to where Justin Trudeau is now.

One who didn't agree with Trudeau's point of view was CEMA Chair (and OMNI Vice President) Madeline Ziniak. "I don't agree with what he (Trudeau) said and will have to take it up with him. I remember being told to change my name if I were to succeed."

At CEMA even our points of view are allowed to be "diverse".
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