Julia Klaar. Fight for Survival. Memoirs. October 1944 to July 1947
Inimesed 26 Mar 2012  EWR
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Kirjastus Aade
Tõlkinud Matti Klaar ja Toivo Klaar
Tallinn 2012, kõvakaaneline, 152 lk

Julia Klaar was one of the tens of thousands who fled Estonia in September 1944. Her decision, and the route taken, was particular because she fought not only for her own survival, but also for that of her five children, the oldest being thirteen and the youngest three years old. Hunger and disease accompanied the journey that took them through Germany, Czechoslovakia and Poland before they finally reached Sweden. Julia Klaar’s memoirs are supplemented by the observations of her sons Enno and Matti Klaar.
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