Jõekääru weathers another successful talgud
Archived Articles 20 Oct 2006 Erik TannerEWR
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Jõekääru property owners gathered once again on the morning of Saturday, Oct. 14, by the old saun, for a day of talgud. More than forty residents volunteered their time on this cold and blustery day. With rakes, shovels and chainsaws in hand volunteers spread throughout the community to clear ditches, cut down dead trees and remove debris from the sides of roads.

The weather was anything but consistent, “Crazy” or “interesting” were the words often heard to describe it. One moment rain fell, the next the sun shined brightly, followed by snow and sleet, and then sun again. But always it was cold and windy. Most of the trees had already dropped their leaves. For a few hours Jõekääru was abuzz with the sound of ATVs and a tractor motoring back and forth. The debris fire by the river was the best or, at least the warmest place to be.

The day was organized by long-time Jõekääru property owners Ilmar Kaljurand, Eerik Valter, Linda Tae and Heikki Kolga. Much was accomplished.

At the end of it all, volunteers gathered in the late afternoon at Jaan and Maimu Schaer’s home on Narva Ave. for a meal that was by all accounts, fabulous. Volunteers and their families were served barbecued pork chops with penne pasta in a delicious tomato sauce, along with garlic bread. Maimu made salad and prepared baked goods. Tiiu Kaljurand also came with baked deserts. Festivities carried on into the night.

Estonian Summer Homes Association president Jaan Schaer made a special effort to have non-Estonian residents participate. He did well. Nearly half of the volunteers were non-Estonian. Jaan, along with the rest of the ESHA executive has made good headway in recent times rebuilding pride in this special and unique community.

During mealtime discussions many residents discovered they had a shared interest in cross-country skiing. The Jõekääru of old was riddled with ski trails during the winter. Ski competitions were once common. Now there appears to be a new interest in the sport. Residents agreed it would be a fine idea to organize ski trails and ski outings. Anyone interested in taking part in skiing days at Jõekääru should contact Jaan Schaer at to be put on a list to find out when outings are planned. The river, when properly frozen, makes a delightful trail through some very interesting wilderness.

John Hastings enjoyed the gourmet meal at Jaan and Maimu’s and spoke briefly of the political power Jõekääru once enjoyed. He lamented the fact that at recent York Region councillor elections as few as six non-residents came out to vote. He said in years past, Jõekääru could be counted on for hundreds of votes. With that comes political clout. With a reinvigorated ESHA, hopes are high that Jõekääru’s voice will once again achieve the power status it once enjoyed. Mr. Hastings is vying for the position of Councillor, Ward 5, Town of Georgina. Election Day is Nov. 13. An all candidates meeting will be held at Udora Hall on Nov. 9 at 7 pm.
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