Jõekääru kids/youth reunion dance
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It may be now be the dead of winter, but just to get everyone into the Jõekääru Summer Camp spirit, the Board of Directors of the Jõekääru Suvekodu Selts are hosting a Jõekääru Kids Reunion Dance (just like the great dances we have at camp!), for ages 7 to 18. Anyone who is of Estonian heritage who may be interested in attending Jõekääru Summer Camp this year or in the coming years is encouraged and very welcome to come out and have fun. What a great chance to see how much fun we have and make new friends before arriving at camp! Or, to start making plans to attend camp with all your friends for the whole summer.

The dance will be supervised by our kasvatajad / camp counselors from the past few years. Allan Liik has very generously allowed us to use his sound system and Allan and Linda Liik will be there to "GET THE PARTY STARTED" uh huh, uh huh — so, be there, or be square!

Date: Saturday, March 3rd, 2007
Time: party starts at 7:00 pm
Place: The Estonian House in Toronto, in the big hall
Cost: $10.00 to cover hall rental and snacks

For parents, we will be having a fun evening in the Café at the Estonian House while the dance is on. This will give us a great chance to mingle, discuss and exchange ideas about the summer camp. We'd really love to have your input how to make Jõekääru Summer Camp even better than ever before! This is your chance to voice your thoughts! Let's get together and have a fun parents night too!

We are looking for a decorating team, and a team to help make this dance great — so kids, parents and kasvatajad, let us know how YOU can help out. You can call Linda Karuks at 416-590-9725 or 416-568-8335, or email and let her know what your talent is. Your help will really be appreciated!
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