Jaanipäev June 22- 24, 2012 Big Bear Lake, California
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Sunset at Big Bear Lake

The ski club is participating in Jaanipäev (Mid-Summer Festival) in Big Bear Lake, California this year. This will be the first year that this location will be used it is the only 4 season resort in Southern California and conveniently located close to Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Palm Springs and worth the drive from where ever you might be coming from. Everyone is welcome and there is no cost to attend. To see what Big Bear Lake has to offer visit www.bigbear.com

There are two lodging options that are recommended for people to stay overnight. They both have swimming pools. Volleyball courts, play and grass areas for kids, barbecues and the lodging are individual cabins. These are only suggestions, there are several other lodging options if you are planning on staying longer then just for the day. Please make the reservations directly with the hotels, their websites are:



In addition to where we will gather Saturday afternoon/evening for our campfire, we have other activities planned for the weekend; a) lunch at the top of the Snow Summit Resort reached by chairlift on Friday, b) volleyball game, c) picnic by the lake on Saturday, d) zip lining and let's see what else. Of course there are numerous other activities to do, including the art of relaxing. The locations and times will be announced in early June.

If everyone enjoys this year, will make plans for 2013. For anyone who has suggestions for next year, including location, or changes to make for next year, please let Robert know at

To obtain an idea of who is coming and how many, please visit our website estonianskiclub.com and click on “Reservations” and complete the registration form. By registering, you are not making any kind of commitment, simply your interest in attending and you will be kept informed on the location of events.

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