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Thank you for continuing to spread the word about The Singing Revolution. The film has played in over 100 cities in the U.S., Canada and abroad. Last month we thought the run extending into August was amazing; now we have screenings scheduled into October! Word of mouth is how it’s happening, but the power of this remarkable story is why it’s happening. Although the film is still being booked in new cities each week, the theatrical run will wind down by the fall.

If you still have a specific theater you would like us to approach, the only thing that’s going to win over the theater at this point is if they feel there is local interest. So call the theater, have a few friends call and ask them to contact us. Then let us know the theater name/city and we’ll follow up.

For our international, Non-North American sign-ups -- please know that we’re working on European distribution now. That will mostly be television broadcasts, with theatrical runs in certain regions. And for all the emails from Australia, we’re working on it and will let you know as soon as we can!

Below are the latest cities the film is opening in. Details are available on the website: And please continue to invite friends to sign up on our website. That’s the best way to hear about the new theater openings, and also to hear about the DVD release when it comes out at the end of the summer. We hope to have an educational 2 DVD set for schools & universities in time for the new school year….


San Diego, CA (held over 7/11-7/24)
Pittsburgh, PA (now playing 7/12-7/24)
Las Vegas, NV (now playing 7/18-7/24)
Mount Vernon, WA (now playing 7/18-7/22)
Waterloo, ON Canada (now playing 7/18-7/22)
Pender Island, BC Canada (playing 7/19)


Columbia, MO (opening 7/30-8/5)
Columbus, OH (opening 7/25-7/31)
Elora, ON Canada (opening 8/1-8/4)
Geneva, NY (opening 10/10-10/14)
Guelph, ON Canada (opening 7/28-7/31)
Hamilton, NY (playing 7/27-7/29)
Harrisburg, PA (opening 7/25-7/31)
Hornby Island, BC Canada (playing 8/20)
Manlius, NY (date to be rescheduled)
Montréal, QC, Canada (opening 8/11-8/14)
Newburgh, NY (opening 7/25-7/31)
Normal, IL (playing 9/16-9/17)
Ottawa, ON Canada (playing 8/10-8/12)
Overland Park (Kansas City), KS (opening 8/1-8/7)
Phoenixville, PA (opening 7/25-7/31)
Round Lake, NY (playing 7/26)
Sacramento, CA (opening 7/18-7/24)
Salt Lake City, UT (opening 8/8-8/14)
Three Oaks, MI (opening 8/21-9/1)

Thank you for helping us share this uplifting story of peace & freedom.

Maureen and James Tusty
Producers/Directors of The Singing Revolution
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