Is Europe back? Maybe, with China's help
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[/i]The eurozone gets some good economic news in the first week of 2011.[/i]

Paul Ames - GlobalPost
BRUSSELS, Belgium — After months of doom, gloom and predictions of the euro’s impending demise, you might think the prospect of good economic news from Europe was as likely as pigs taking flight.

The first working days of 2011 were therefore bit of a surprise.

There were reports that China had pledged to spend billions buying up the bonds of Spain and other debt-ridden eurozone nations — a clear sign of Beijing's confidence in the Europeans' ability to pay back the loans.

(See photo with this caption : An Estonian cashier gives change in euro bills to a young Estonian customer in a supermarket in Tallinn on Jan. 1, 2011. Estonia adopted the European single currency at midnight, ringing in 2011 as the 17th member of the eurozone. (Raigo Pajula/AFP/Getty Images), and continue reading here:
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