IREKS 2007
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On April 28, 2007, the Washington Estonian Folk Dancers, Pillerkaar, will be sponsoring a folk dancing festival called IREKS 2007 (Ida Ranniku Eesti Küla Simman - or East Coast Estonian Folk Festival), Our guest dancers will be Kandali, from Tallinn, Kungla, from Toronto, Saare Vikat from New York, youngsters from the Baltimore Estonian School, veteran folk dancers from Lakewood, and Jore, Lithuanian Folk Dancers.

IREKS 2007 will provide a catered buffet dinner and take place in Herndon, Virginia, not far from Dulles Airport. Hotel prices have been discounted so please make your reservations early.
Pillerkaar is inviting anyone who would like to see a riveting performance of folk dancing!

For more information and tickets see the Pillerkaar website:

(Leader of Pillerkaar and IREKS organizer.)
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