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Interview: Andres Musta and “Timmas’s Art Camp’
Eestlased Kanadas 24 Jun 2013 EL (Estonian Life)Eesti Elu
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How did the idea arise that this interesting project could be organized?

Timmase Kunsti Tare has been in existence for five years and has proven itself as a desirable space for children to make art. The Timmase Tare committee have also wished to offer art-making opportunities for the Udora community as well as for the adult members of EKKT, Eesti Kunstnike Koondis Torontos.

Was it difficult to find and persuade lecturers to participate?

Andres Musta: Yes, we began by drawing on resources that were familiar to us. It is important to have artists/teachers who enjoy and understand the value of a learning space in nature. We have these individuals from Canada, the United States and Estonia that return to Jõekääru each year because of their own strong attachment to the environment, ideas and people of the camp community. We are hoping that more artists and innovators will be inspired to share their expertise in the future.

Who do you anticipate attending?

A.M.: We invite all parents, grandparents and past kasvandikud to re-visit the camp as adult participants.Since the Tare is close to Udora the idea has also been to appeal to the neighbourhood of the camp.

Can someone who shows interest but not directly active in art also participate?

A.M.: We have something to offer everybody. On ThursdayJuly 4th, we have lectures in both English and Estonian, about contemporary artists and art in Estonia today.This will be presented by Saskia Järve, artist and art teacher from Estonia. The morning lecture, presented in Estonian, begins at 9:15am and ends at 12 noon. The afternoon lecture at 1pm will be in English. There will be 2 coffee breaks and lunch included in the day cost. A special fee for pensioners/seniors is $40.00. On that same day is an opportunity to participate in leatherwork with Jaan Veenpere from the United States, and specialized weaving with Mihkel Salusoo. Jaan and Mihkel have been visiting and sharing their expertise with Jõekääru campers for many years. We encourage all adults to even observe and experience the artists' studio spaces and learn more about their craft.
On Tuesday July 2nd at 4pm-6pm, Mai Vomm Järve, EKKT president, will present a lecture in English about the past 58 years of artist members and their works, art shows and special events.

What message do you want to leave with those who hesitate, who haven’t made up their minds yet?

A.M.: Yes, come for a day in the country. Try something new. Workshops are in both English and Estonian as is needed.

Has it been interesting, difficult, in organizing the Art Camp? Who do you want to thank?

A.M.: Over the past 5 years, Toomas and Maris Saar, Timmasefundi executors, have been extremely supportive of the Timmase Tare initiative. Many hanks to the artists who continue to create and encourage our next generations to find joy and expressive freedom in the arts.
Interview by Eda Oja.
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