Intellectual Property World is Our Oyster: Meet Taavi Raidma, co-founder and CEO of UK based CrowdIPR
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By Silver Tambur in Business
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When Taavi Raidma (27) was 10 years old, he was dreaming to set up his own bank, together with his brother. Perhaps it was just a bit too early to start his own business – after he had persuaded his grandparents to become their first clients, his parents put a stop for futher expansion plans. But fast forward 17 years and he is the co-founder and CEO of the UK based firm CrowdIPR (Crowd Intellectual Property Research) and the company is truly expanding – not in a courtyard anymore, but around the globe. It was worth to have a dream.

Traveller. While still at high school in Tartu, Estonia, he was already eager to travel and see the world (to date he has travelled or lived in over 30 countries) and he managed to become an exchange student in the US via United World Colleges. Raidma spent 2 years in New Mexico where his international network of friends first started to take shape - 84 nationalities were represented.............

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