Mis juhtub, kui üks valitsus, eirates oma riigi põhiseadust ja oma elanike tahet, sõlmib piirileppe oma naaberriigiga?

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Censorship? Or weak knees syndrome? (24)
A very interesting open letter hit the cybersphere on January 13th, addressed to the President of the European Court of Human Rights at the Council ...
Longing for tanks
NATO and American presence in the Baltic Sea region strengthens our deterrence, increases defence capability and has a stabilising effect.
Deploying Estonian forces in Africa - why is it necessary?
A leading article published in Eesti Päevaleht on 17 January 2014 laid out many arguments against a possible Estonian military mission in the ...
Upsurge in Terrorism in Russia ‘Not Just about Sochi’ and Won’t End with Olympiad, Analyst Says
Most commentaries in Moscow and the West have argued that the recent terrorist actions in Volgograd were undertaken to disrupt the Sochi Olympics
Teadmistepõhise hirmuühiskonna okupatsioon. (7)
 - pics/2014/01/41221_001.jpg
Einar Eiland

Midagi on kaasaegses ühiskonnas igal juhul väga valesti kui, ühiskonda ehitatakse üles kui lõputut õudust, millega keegi rahul ...
Kahel rindel
Newfoundland on pika ja huvitava ajalooga. Isiklikult pean saart ja ta rahvast Kanada aardeks
Eesti väed Aafrikasse – milleks seda vaja?
Eesti Päevalehe 17.01.2014 juhtkiri sisaldas hulganisti vastuargumente Eesti võimalikule sõjalisele missioonile Kesk-Aafrika Vabariiki.
Ukraine: Waiting for a ‘Washington, with a new and righteous law’
Following the winter holiday break, the Ukrainian parliament—the Verkhovna Rada—reconvened and, on January 16, passed perhaps the most ...
Ära hellitatud
Ametiühingud on palju head saavutanud lihttöölise huvides. Teadagi oli aeg sada aastat tagasi, kui töölistel polnud õigusi, hüvitusi, ei ...
NAFTAst (9)
Juttu pole mitte maaõlist, vaid Põhja-Ameerika vabakaubanduse kokkuleppest, ehk North American Free Trade Agreement'ist, NAFTAst.
Vaba Mõtte Klubi 14.01.2014 Tallinna TV (1)
 - pics/2014/01/41174_001.jpg
Seekordses saates tuleb juttu uue partei loomisest, käpardlikust rongiliikluse korraldamisest, regionaalpoliitika murekohtadest ja USA sõjalise ...
Ten Reasons -- And Counting -- Not to Go to Sochi
A month ago, after the German president announced that he would not attend the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympiad, Yuliya Smirnova, who writes ...
Russia expels US journalist David Satter without explanation
Russia has expelled a US journalist living in Moscow for the first time since the cold war, in a move that is likely to strain relations with ...
Index supports referral request in Delfi v. Estonia
We, the undersigned 69 media organisations, internet companies, human rights groups and academic institutions write to support the referral request ...
Forecast 2014: North America
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper kicked off 2014 with a televised interview in which he lamented President Obama’s “punting” of the ...
Mis võinuks olla – oleksoloogiline soovunelm (1)
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Jüri Toomepuu FB
Mis võinuks olla – oleksoloogiline soovunelm
Mõtteeksperiment okupatsioonipriist Eestist.

Sellist sõna nagu ...
When Dudayev Saved Yeltsin from the KGB and the Baltic Countries from Gorbachev
Twenty-three years ago today, two events took place in the Baltic countries, one of which is almost universally remembered and one of which is ...
Could There Eventually Be a Euro-Maidan in Karelia?
One of the Kremlin’s greatest fears is the kind of civic activism on display in Ukraine could spread to the Russian Federation, but most of its ...
Russian Orthodox Deacon Fears Defrocking After Outing Church's 'Gay Lobby'
A prominent theologian who claims to have outed a powerful "gay lobby" within the Russian Orthodox Church says he now fears being defrocked ...
Eestlane olen ja...?
Margus Lepa
Eestlane olen ja...?
Täna lugesin jälle viimaste aastate stamm-uudist, et Eesti on kriisist väljunud ning oodatakse uut ...
Kommentaar | SSSRi mõttemallid elavad Eesti erakondades edasi (1)
 - pics/2014/01/41131_001_t.jpg
Andres Raid, ajakirjanik,
Fö Mati Hiis
Nõukogude Liidu üheks eripäraks oli tegelikkuse ja suurte ja väiksemate partorgide nägemuse totaalne ...
The Great War: a Battle for Meaning
In any commemoration of a significant historical event, there will be a temptation to read history backwards and interpret the event through the ...
Could ‘Back-Trailers’ from Siberia Transform Russia?
Russians living in areas of the country their co-ethnics only recently settled such as Siberia, the Far East, and the Far North have very different ...
Is Latvia Poised to Close Europe’s Back Door?
Now that Latvia has joined the euro zone, legislators in Riga can return to the delicate issue of residency permits for foreign nationals.
Russia Begins Collecting Its Ukrainian Gas Bill
Although demonstrators still occupy the Maidan in central Kyiv and none of Ukraine’s fundamental issues that precipitated the crisis in late 2013 ...
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