Janukovitš keeldus Klitškoga kohtumast, protestid Kiievis jätkuvad
 - pics/2014/01/41237_001.jpg
Ukraine Protest
Foto: Sergei Grits, AP
Ukraina president Viktor Janukovitš keeldus teisipäeval kohtumast opositsioonijuhi Vitali ...
PM meets with Israeli leaders in Jerusalem
 - pics/2014/01/41235_001_t.jpg

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the State of Israel, joined by members of the Canadian delegation, ...
Eurozone bank network getting smaller
The number of banks in the eurozone fell by almost 4 percent in 2013, according to data published Tuesday (21 January) by the European Central Bank.
Estonia will make its last ESM payment in April
Estonia will have to pay altogether 149 million euros in the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), of which four fifths has been paid
Moldova rännak Euroopasse Postimees
Kristel Abel, TLÜ kommunikatsiooni instituudi õppejõud

Moldova on üks Euroopa vaesemaid riike, mille SKTst veerand tuleb välismaal teenitud ...
Visa-Free Regime Requires 'Safe Environment'
An official from the European Union spoke out about several concerns over Russia during a visit to Moscow on Friday, warning that plans for a ...
Eesti stendi vastu Grüne Wochel suur huvi
Berliinis toimuval maailma suurimal toidu- ja põllumajandusmessil Grüne Woche 2014 on Eesti stendi vastu olnud erakordselt suur huvi.
Lithuanian “Fools” Risk Delaying Rail Baltic, Says Estonian Minister (1)
Rail Baltic was supposed to be a big joint project between Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, among others, to build a European gauge railway network ...
From “ugly duckling” to nice swan: Latvia congratulated in Washington, DC on joining the Eurozone
On January 16, the Delegation of the European Union to the United States in Washington, DC hosted a celebration in honor of Latvia’s adoption to ...
EU-Russia summit reduced to short meeting
A summit between the European Union and Russia has been reduced in size and scope, and a dinner with Vladimir Putin, Russia's president, has been ...
DAS Rose Visits Estonia to Discuss Strategic Stability Issues
Frank Rose, U.S. State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary for arms control, verification, and compliance, visited Tallinn from January 14-15
Estonia condemns laws restricting freedoms of Ukrainians, says foreign minister
Estonia has condemned the adopted amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine, including the laws introducing criminal liability for extremism, mass ...
US Congress Seeks to Globalize Magnitsky Act
 - pics/2014/01/41197_001.jpg
Vladimiri Kara Murza

This week, a bipartisan group of US senators introduced a new bill, S.1933 (the Global Human Rights Accountability Act), that ...
Russia Aims to Scale Up Online Snooping
Legislators in Russia were set to introduce measures today (January 15) that would help the security services keep tabs on Internet users and ...
How Estonia’s economy beats the U.S.
In case you haven’t heard, America is going down the drain. There’s even data to prove it.
The Government supported the European Union military mission in the Central African Republic and Estonia’s participation
It was decided at the Government cabinet meeting that Estonia will support the scheduled European Union mission in the Central African Republic and ...
Venemaa on nüüd Eestiga piirileppe sõlmimiseks täielikult valmis (2)
 - pics/2014/01/41183_001.jpg
Foto: Andres Putting

Eesti välisminister Urmas Paet pidas eile telefonivestluse oma Venemaa kolleegi Sergei Lavroviga, rääkides ...
Eestlane hakkab Aafrikas Google’i äri juhtima
 - pics/2014/01/41182_001.jpg
Toivo Tänavsuu
Eesti Ekspress
Eestlane hakkab Aafrikas Google’i äri juhtima
Sean Paavo Krepp
Eesti mees Sean Paavo Krepp vastutab ...
Ligi 70 meediaorganisatsiooni avaldasid Delfile väljendusvabaduse kaasuses toetust
 - pics/2014/01/41176_001.jpg
Foto: Rene Suurkaev

69 meediaorganisatsiooni, internetiettevõtet ja inimõigusorganisatsiooni saatsid Euroopa inimõiguste kohtule ...
Kremlin Changes Election Rules (Again)
 - pics/2014/01/41169_001.jpg
Vladimir Kara Murza
The Kremlin has no qualms about contradicting itself and making public U-turns when this suits its interests. In 2004, Vladimir ...
Eesti edestas majandusvabaduselt esmakordselt USA-d
ERRi uudisteportaal
15. jaanuar 2014 10:51

Eesti tõusis mõttekoja Heritage Foundation ja ajalehe Wall Street Journal maailma majandusvabaduse ...
EU leadership approval at record low
Approval of the European Union's leadership in countries of Southern Europe which have received EU bailouts have fallen to record lows, according ...
Wedding couples enticed to tie the knot in Estonia – cheaper price tag is the main draw
Estonian entrepreneurs in the wedding business are doing their best to tempt Finnish couples to travel across the Gulf of Finland and arrange their ...
Harper Government Announces New Measures to Benefit Canadian Wireless Consumers
Canada's wireless consumers have been clear that they want their government to make decisions that will lead to more choice, lower prices and ...
US drafts Ukraine sanctions, as EU mulls new talks
The US has put Ukraine's interior minister and a dozen or so officials on a draft sanctions list, but the EU is still willing to hold talks.
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