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Siin Ameerika Hääl, Washington (13)
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Mõningaid näiteid Ameerika Hääle uudistest Balti riikide kohta:

VOA 26 Page 3 2PM East Europe Roundup 10/11/60
A sailor from the „Baltika“, the ship which brought Premier Khrushchev to New York, has asked the United States for political asylum. American immigration officials in New York identified the sailor as Viktor Jaanimets, a twenty-nine year old oiler from Estonia. He slipped away from his companions while visiting New York stores yesterday. /..../
12:55 pm VE

VOA 31 Insert (Baltic) in VOA 25 1 PM East Europe Roundup 11/12/60

Undersecretary of State Douglas Dillon says the United States continues to support the aspirations to freedom of the once-independent Baltic peoples. He described the forced incorporation of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania into the Soviet Union twenty years ago as an act of wanton imperialism in violation of solemn international agreements. /.../
2:17 pm VE

VOA 12 Page 6 Early Europe Breakfast Show 6/21/65

The U.S. House of Representatives unanimously urged President Johnson „to bring the force of world opinion to bear“ on behalf of the people of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. /../
6:42 pm VE

VOA 19 Baltic 8/28/66

A Connecticut Congressman has accused the communist nations of criticizing U.S. involvement in Vietnam while remaining silent about Soviet involvement in Hungary, Poland, East Germany and the Baltic States. /.../
cns/ve/rb 6:22pm

Y 8 Estonia 2/22/69

The United States announced it continues its refusal to recognize the forcible incorporation of the Republic of Estonia into the Soviet Union. /.../
cns/ve/vs 5:30pm

Y 43 Lithuanian 12/3/70

A Congressional committee continued its inquiry in Washington into the denial of political refuge to a Lithuanian seaman who pleaded for it last month aboard a U.S. Coast Guard cutter. /../
ens/ve/pj 7:29 pm

Y 6 Baltic 3/13/73

The New York Times, in a dispatch from Moscow, reports concern in the Baltic republics of Estonia and Latvia over ethnic friction because of a growing influx of Russians. /../
ens/ve/rb 1:50 pm

VOB 6 Baltic Anniversary 7/28/82

The State Department has reaffirmed the U.S. policy of not recognizing the Soviet annexation of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. /../ The State Department said the three countries were invaded and annexed illegally by the Soviet Union in 1940. /../
EURDIV/VE 11:53 am

CN 57 Sov-Estonia 8/1/84

Soviet authorities are ordering Communist Party activists in Estonia to step up their efforts against nationalism in that Baltic republic. /../
ens/kes/sg 9:16 am


19. septembril 1965 teatas United Press International Moskvast:
The poisonous seeds of the Voice of America broadcasts are taking root among Soviet youths, „The Banner of Lenin“ said today. (It mentioned two teenage boys and continued:) „these dissipated youths smoked, drank and danced and listened to the Voice of America broadcasts“.
The paper said one of the boys wrote the following poem in prison:
„I was drinking to the boys from the street, / I was drinking to the girls and to jazz.. / During the night the Voice of Washington / Filled us with the powerful urge to passion.“

Michael Nelson „War of the Black Heavens“, Syracuse 1997:

Archives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union confirmed that the Communists believed that Western radio propaganda was the strongest and most effective weapon that existed for ideological intervention in the Soviet Union.

Without Western broadcasting, totalitarian regimes would have survived much longer. When it came to radio waves, the iron curain was helpless. /Lech Walesa/

VOA exerpts copyright The Voice of America. All rights reserved.

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