Anarchists to meet in Tallinn
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and07 May 2012 08:11
soviet communists taking over usa
Tõnu Naelapea07 May 2012 14:02
My apologies. As often happens when one writes with good intent and has no fact checker I made an error here, based on memory. The treaty to end WW II in Europe was signed on May 7th, while arms were actually laid down the next day, May 8th, 1945. Thus the Soviet Union and its followers celebrated and now mark the end of the war tomorrow, May 8th. Thanks to the friend who pointed that senior moment out.
historian07 May 2012 18:50
Eventhough the surrender document was signed on May 7th, it took effect on May 8th (all forces under German control to cease active operations at 2301 hours Central European Time on May 8, 1945). This designated hour was already the morning of May 9th in Moscow, and Russians have celebrated the victory on May 9th ever since.
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Anarchists to meet in Tallinn07 May 2012 16:11
We will have to see what happens tomorrow at Tõnismä will be interesting to see how serious things are. With elections in Russia, anarchists might feel more empowered than usual.
Maxim10 May 2012 01:13
I think that all Estonian anarchists should boycott this particular event since it holds the seeds to activating the considerable groundswell of dissolution within the Russian community in Estonia who feel that their cause could be ideally enhanced through the sheer stupidity of some outrageous loony fringe! Putin will watch this event with glee.
.10 May 2012 07:12
With characteristic agraphia, Maxim de la Trine suggests that someone in this world is interested in his looney opinions.
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