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Interesting 23 Feb 2012 11:05
Teema:  look in our own backyard
"in the absence of democracy in Russia." Just like at Joekaaru! It is a smaller version of Russia where the rights of property owners are determined through ethnicity. It's a place where the powers that be at the Estonian Summer Homes Association (at Joekaaru) honestly believe there is nothing wrong in discriminating against property owners that are not Estonian.
huh? 23 Feb 2012 14:25
"ajaloos pole kunagi kaks tõelist demokraatiat läinud omavahel sõtta"

Kaks tõelist demokraatiat on olemas maailmas?

Kui 'demokraatlikud riigid' annavad oma 'demokraatia' ära maailma pankuritele, nad ei ole ennam demokraatiad väid lihtsalt IMF'i orjad. Sedasi IMF teeb majanduslikud rünnakud riikide vastu keda nad soovivad tihedamini kontrollida või kes on väljaspool IMFi.

Tänapäeval sõda käib nii -

USAs demokraatia käib nii ...
Positive change! 24 Feb 2012 09:26
Teema:  Where's the coverage . . . again? (1)
Great work by EKN and CEEC bringing Nemtsov to Canada. The national coverage was excellent!
Why didn't Eesti Elu cover this very important visit???!! Didn't work with the agenda?
Nemsov visit and EKN 25 Feb 2012 05:51
Teema:  Re: Where's the coverage . . . again? (1)
Though I feel deep kinship with all at EKN and I truly wish them well on the steep climb back to relevancy, the PR efforts for the Nemsov visit were dismal. The only comment that I did hear (from an Estonian) was just the opposite... they were quite surprised that the Nemsov visit was so poorly covered by Canadian media. They had heard nothing and were surprised by this. There should have been a barrage of news coverage for such an important person in Russia and there would have been if the visit had been promoted relentlessly and properly. Though you know the importance of Nemsov, you can not fool yourself into thinking that the Canadian public will be so informed. Though I was not searching for it, I myself heard and saw nothing.

I see the challenge at EKN being that there is a small handful of old guard people doing everything (must be exhausting for them) and EKN can't achieve the full potential if ALL OF THE NEW MEMBERS are not 100% informed and ENGAGED in EKN's work. In today's world of email and SKYPE conferencing, the leadership has no excuse for failing in this regard. EKN will quickly lose a mass of your new members because of lack of engagement if you continue to repeat the old mistakes of the old guard EKN.

You must give all the younger members a chance to do what they were elected to do... if you give them a chance...they may yet pleasantly surprise you and offer up new ideas and new direction and show their potential as future new leaders. This is a hard thing to do, of actually leading and directing the organization, gently reminding these new young volunteers to complete tasks and fighting the urge to do everything yourself. Ample lead time for tasks must be given and guidance.

Another challenge for EKN is leaving things to the last minute. Delegating tasks early to others should also help in this regard.

As for the Nemsov visit, each of the newly voted EKN members should have had a task for the visit. This was a wonderful opportunity to get the EKN young members engaged and excited in EKN's political lobby work, but this did not happen. Please do not miss such an opportunity in the future!

Upward and onward!
And what's your agenda? 25 Feb 2012 07:22
Teema:  Re: Where's the coverage . . . again? (1)
Samalt IP numbrilt on siin varem kommenteerinud: Positive change! (09:26)
Great! 25 Feb 2012 07:41
Teema:  Re: Where's the coverage . . . again?
That's incredible coverage!
Congratulations to the great new EKN team and CEEC! Who knew that change could come so quickly!
Ara seleta 25 Feb 2012 08:39
Teema:  Re: Where's the coverage . . . again?
Sounds like you have loads of advice! Why don't you try doing instead of complaining.
Observer 25 Feb 2012 10:13
Teema:  Coverage
There was great coverage, but I hear it was organized by Marcus Kolga.
Maamees 25 Feb 2012 13:50
Nothing has changed since Erik Konze left Canada although I hear that life for him life has gone from mediocre to outstanding.
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