Independence Day: A Dewey Andreas Novel
Eestlased USAs 04 Jul 2015  EWR
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Written by: Ben Coes
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Narrated by: Peter Hermann
Length: 14 hrs and 17 mins
Series: Dewey Andreas, Book 5
Unabridged Audiobook
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4.60 (482 ratings)

Dewey Andreas, former Delta and current intelligence agent, is sidelined. Still drowning in grief after the tragic murder of his fiancee, Dewey has seemingly lost his focus, his edge, and the confidence of his superiors. A high-level Russian hacker, known only as Cloud, is believed to be behind a series of major terror operations, and the mission is to capture and render Cloud harmless. At the same time, a backup team is sent after the only known associate of Cloud, a ballerina believed to be his girlfriend.
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