In the evening of 9 March 1944 ......
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In the evening of 9 March 1944 the Soviet Air Force threw over 3000 bombs to the living quarters of Tallinn. 20 000 people were left homeless, 554 Estonian citizens, 50 German soldiers and 121 prisoners-of-war were killed.

The Estonian Heritage Society has since 1989 conducted memorial services in Siselinna Cemetery and Niguliste Church to honour the memory of the victims and help prevent terrorist regimes from any power in future.

We kindly ask you to attend the commemoration services
on Wednesday, 9 March
remembering the victims of the bombing of
Tallinn, Tartu, Narva and other towns
in February and March 1944 by the Soviet Air Force.

12.00 Memorial service in Siselinna Cemetery at the Monument dedicated to the victims of the bombing.

18 – 19 Concert and memorial service in Niguliste Church.
Organist Tiit Kiik
ETV Girls` Choir conducted by Aarne Saluveer
Archbishop emeritus Andres Põder
Director General of Tallinn City Museum Kalmar Ulm

19.15 The bells of Tallinn churches toll and candles are lit in Harju Street.
Estonian Heritage Society

Tel. 6412 522
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