In Brezhnev’s Footsteps—and Proud of It
Rahvusvahelised uudised 13 Oct 2011  EWR
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Vladimir Kara Murza - pics/2011/10/33743_1.jpg
Vladimir Kara Murza
For all the obvious similarities between Vladimir Putin and Soviet dictators—from stage-managed party congresses to farcical “elections”—the regime in Moscow was at least shy to admit the likeness publicly. No longer, it seems. In a television interview last week, Putin’s press secretary, Dmitri Peskov, not only accepted the comparison of his boss to Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, but readily embraced it. “Brezhnev was not a negative for our country’s history,” Peskov opined to his interviewers’ disbelief, “He was a huge positive.”

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