Imagine There's No Heaven
Arvamus 08 Sep 2010  EWR
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Estonian director Veiko Ounpuu challenges the global economic order with his surrealist Temptation of St. Tony.

Theodore Schwinke, Transitions Online
The Temptation of St. Tony is the third feature from Estonian director Veiko Ounpuu. A latter-day surrealist treatise, the film can be viewed simultaneously as an exploration of the psyche and as an indictment of predatory capitalism. “I see it as yelling obscenities to passers-by from the church tower,” Ounpuu says.

Ounpuu's previous film, Autumn Ball, won the Venice Horizons Award at the Venice Film Festival in 2007. The Temptation of St. Tony screened in competitions at Sundance and Rotterdam earlier this year and has since appeared in festivals in Australia, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Poland, and Sweden.

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