Ilves: there is a future in the co-operation between Estonia’s state-of-art companies and the world
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12 Jun 2009
Upon opening an event in Silicon Valley to introduce Estonian companies, Fotki, BookingShark and MobileNow, President Toomas Hendrik Ilves said that Estonia’s success stories and innovative character will make its companies attractive for foreign venture capital.

“After restoring our independence we had the opportunity to establish modern infrastructures into an originally vacant space, focusing on IT as the engine of our economy and development in general,” President Ilves said. “Since then, all subsequent governments have supported the implementation of IT solutions and computer education; thanks to this fact, the provision of public services in Estonia is efficient and transparent.”

“Big things are made to happen in small places; this is confirmed by Estonia’s success as a state and e-state,” the Head of State stated. “I encourage entrepreneurs and foreign investors to become acquainted with the solutions we have created in Estonia at both corporation and governmental level.”

On Thursday, President Ilves met with Mr. John L. Hennessy, the Rector of Stanford University, and several professors, who invited Estonian universities and students for closer co-operation. Rector Hennessy also stated that he intends to place more focus on teaching the recent history of the Baltic states. President Ilves added that a remarkable part of academic research, which has been conducted in the field of European history over the last 20 years has actually been published in the United States of America.

The Estonian Head of State also thanked Stanford University for the conduct of a half-year seminar series entitled “European Entrepreneurship & Innovation Thought Leaders”, in co-operation with the Enterprise Estonia Foundation. Mr. Allan Martinson, Mr. Sten Tamkivi, Mr. Andrus Aaslaid, Mr. Kalev Kask and Mr. Andrus Viirg delivered lectures in Stanford within the framework of the series.

On Friday, President Ilves will meet with Ms Condoleezza Rice, the former Secretary of State of the United States of America, and His Excellency will also give a presentation at the World Affairs Council in San Francisco on foreign and security politics.

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