Ilves in Davos: countries that honour democracy, human rights and the principles of a state based on the rule of law can be partners of the European U
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"Democracy, human rights and rule of law are the three principles that form the foundation for the solidarity of the European Union. These principles will also determine the depth of the communications between the European Union and countries that do not belong to the Union," [said) the President, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, in Davos, at the World Economic Forum, an event that brings together the economic and political leaders of the world, and where the current situation in Ukraine and possible future strategies are being discussed, among other things.

"The choice to move towards the European Union means commitment to specific values; this is not an issue of economic benefits," emphasised the Estonian Head of State.

"We can also discuss economic relations between the European Union member states and Ukraine, but the main focus of the debate cannot be on determing whether Ukraine will gain more economic benefits from the Eurasian Customs Union or the European Union. Money and investments only represent one of the aspects," President Ilves added.

When commenting on the current situation in Ukraine, President Ilves said that bringing an end to the violence that has taken over the country is most important. "Violence must not be the response to peaceful demonstrations," stated the President. He added that long-term friends of Ukraine feel that they have been cheated.

In Davos, President Ilves will take part in high-level panel discussions that focus on economy, e-health, the development of information technology and geopolitics. The Estonian Head of State will also have a number of bilateral meetings within the framework of the World Economic Forum, including a meeting with Angel Gurría, Secretary General of the OECD.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a Swiss non-profit foundation that organises a summit every year in January, in the mountain resort of Davos in eastern Switzerland. International business leaders, top world politicians, intellectuals and journalists will meet at various events that are taking place during the forum to discuss the economic issues facing the world.

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