Ilmar Heinsoo Scholarship recipients
Archived Articles 20 Apr 2007  EWR
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Christie Darville, Senior Development Officer at the University Of Toronto’s Faculty of Arts and Science, Office of Advancement has provided us with information regarding the recipients of the Ilmar Heinsoo Scholarship. The scholarship was set up by Thomas Heinsoo in his father’s name to encourage interest in Estonia by scholars at UofT as well as to promote the Estonian Studies Program. It is significant to note that, to date, the recipients have been non-Estonians who have both completed an exchange program with Tartu University.

Shawn Meikle is pursuing a double major in History and Philosophy. He enrolled at UofT in 2005, and is completing his second year. He is doing very well in coursework including courses such as Events in Public Sphere Case Studies and Statecraft and Strategy. Shawn also participated in an exchange program with Tartu University, where he successfully completed the following course: European Integration and Russian Foreign Policy. Shawn is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces reserves and is currently serving on the first community editorial board on the Toronto Star.

James Janeiro is in his second year of a specialist degree in Peace and Conflict Studies with a special focus on international governance, a major in Political Science, and minor in French. These interests stem partly from his experiences with international organizations, including multiple United Nations and European Parliament conferences. He has had opportunities to travel extensively throughout Europe, including two school exchanges to Germany. He has served a variety of roles in the University of Toronto community, including Chief Returning Officer for the Vic student elections and member of the Victoria College Council. In addition, James also does extensive political work for the Liberal Party of Canada. He is the Founder and President of the Federal Young Liberals Club in his home riding. James has studied Eastern European politics for three weeks at the University of Tartu in Estonia and participated in the model European Parliament conference e, SPECQUE, in Montreal. He hopes for a career in diplomacy, following a surely long and arduous trip through academia.

Christie Darville notes that the Faculty of Arts and Science is proud to have such innovative thinkers associated with the university. It is in part due to the support of friends and alumni who set up scholarships such as the Ilmar Heinsoo Scholarship that the university is able to provide assistance and foster an academic community in which learning and scholarship may flourish.

Students with good academic standing at the university are encouraged to contact the Office of Awards and Admissions for more on this scholarship. Alternatively, contact Dr. Jüri Kivimäe, Chair of Estonian Studies, Department of History 100 St. George Street. Toronto, Canada M5S 3G3 Tel: (416) 978-847 Fax: (416) 978-4810
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