IBU Cup 4 Biathlon Otepää 2013
Sport 27 Dec 2012  EWR
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The IBU Cup 4 Biathlon Otepää 2013 will take place from the 4th of January to the 6th of January in Tehvandi Sports Center, Otepää.

Athletes from 30 nations are expected to be represented in Otepää.

Individual competitions for men and women are scheduled for Saturday, 5th January, and sprints for Sunday, 6th January. The competition is free for spectators.

The Estonian Biathlon Federation has previously organized such competitions like IBU Summer Biathlon World Championship Otepää 2007, IBU Summer Biathlon Cup in Otepää and Haanja in 2008 and IBU Open European Championship U26 in Otepää 2010.

For additional information and news visit the official competition web page www.otepaa.biathlon.ee
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