HIIGELBASAAR XVIII awaits your knick-knacks!
Archived Articles 12 Apr 2007 Ellen LeivatEWR
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Are your shelves lined with too many knick-knacks making dusting difficult? The organizing committee of HIIGELBASAAR has a suggestion for you. Dust off your cherished knick-knacks, place them gently in a box and drop them off at St Andrew"s Church at the corner of Jarvis and Carlton on Wednesday April 18th or 25th between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. On Saturday May 5th, knick-knack specialists Sirje Simm, Katrin Otsa and Malle Pihl, who manned last year?s abundant giftware department, will do their utmost to find a new home for your beloved memorabilia. But no need to limit your donations to knick-knacks! All reusable, resalable, "relovable"items are welcome. Of course, it goes without saying that all items must be in good condition.? Answers to your questions are a phone call or e-mail away: Helle : 416-449-4209, or Maaja: 416-691-0719, .

Photo: J.Lansoo, text Ellen Leivat
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