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Last drop-off day - Wednesday April 23rd!!

Better get that unused, unneeded but still in-good-condition "stuff" (there just is no good English equivalent to the Estonian word "kraam") packed up because the last drop-off day at St Andrew's Church is Wednesday April 23rd between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m.

The preparations for the 19th annual giant rummage sale are well under way. To the unpractised eye, the basement of St Andrew's Church might look utterly chaotic. Piles, mounds, stacks of stuff and kraam everywhere! But to the practiced eye, the chaos is orderly. And part of the order includes a designated area for the personal items - purses, coats - of the volunteers. Otherwise personal items can, and all too frequently have ended up amongst the sales items. In fact, it is always a cause for great hilarity when one of the volunteers has to rout through boxes and bags to find their purse, hat or gloves. Of course, such incidents used to occur with greater frequency in the 'good old days' when there was a clothing department. Pretty funny when, by the end of the evening, you discover that another volunteer has bought your jacket, broche and all! In any case, a preferred scenario to fishing for your jacket in a Goodwill bag or garbage bag!

Much muscle power is needed on April 30th when set-up begins for the sale. Much lifting and carrying of tables and shelves to their designated spots in the upstairs and downstairs halls.. Much carrying of boxes and bags from the basement to their designated areas on the first and second floors. Help is also needed on May 1st and 2nd as set-up of the various departments and pricing of items continues. If you have muscle power, marketing strategies or sales know-how to offer, please get in touch with Helle @ 416-449-4209 or or Maaja @ 416-691-0719 or .
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